Saturday, December 1, 2018


Below are the tournament rules set forth for the 2019 Southeast Coyote Challenge. These rules will apply to everyone, and will not be changed to accommodate anyone. If you do not think you can abide by these rules, do not take part in the hunt.

- VERY IMPORTANT: Each coyote harvested MUST BE videoed by a smart phone or some type of camera that can be viewed during check in when the kill block is inserted in its mouth. The video will need to show YOU PICKING UP THE ANIMAL, SHAKING IT, TO SHOW IT'S FRESH, and no stiffness is present. Also a team member MUST VIDEO YOU WRITING THE 3 DIGIT CODE ON THE BLOCK BEFORE PUTTING IT INTO THE ANIMALS MOUTH. BLOCKS CANNOT BE MARKED WITH THE NUMBER BEFOREHAND. THEY MUST BE FILLED OUT UPON A SUCCESSFUL HARVEST. 

The block WILL ALSO need to be numbered 1, 2, 3 and so on. The first animal you harvest, that block will need to be number 1 and so on. EACH KILL BLOCK MUST HAVE BOTH TEAM MEMBERS INITIALS ON IT AS WELL.

  • Entry fee for hunt is $50 per team. Teams will consist of only two members. This hunt will consist of a 90/10 split on the proceeds. 90% of winnings will be paid out to the top three teams. 10% of the proceeds will be presented to the archery team at Clay County High School in Manchester, Kentucky

  • Teams MAY NOT split up.

  • ALL animals MUST be taken using CENTERFIRE rifles or SHOTGUNS.

  • This is a DAYTIME COYOTE HUNT ONLY. No bobcats or foxes will be accepted or scored. The reason for daytime hunt is because night hunting is not allowed on federal public land in Kentucky such as the DBNF, LAND BETWEEN THE LAKES AND BIG SOUTH FORK, which is more than likely where a lot of OOS hunters will want to hunt. That puts OOS hunters at a disadvantage if they do not have permission or access to private land in the state.

  • This hunt will take place in KENTUCKY ONLY, but IS OPEN to Out-Of-State hunters as long as they purchase the proper licenses to be legal. All coyotes must be harvested in Kentucky. Out-Of-State hunters MUST hunt on public land unless they have permission to be on private land, own private land or are hunting with a Kentucky resident who owns or has permission to hunt private land in Kentucky. (A complete list of all public hunting land in Kentucky is posted in a separate post. It is YOUR responsibility to know the rules and regulations on any public land area you are hunting.)

  • ALL resident hunters and OOS hunters must have current State of Kentucky hunting licenses and may be asked to present them at check in along with hunters education card if applicable. (Please refer to Hunter Education Guidelines set forth by the KDFW in the rules section.) 

  • ALL licenses must be in your possession during hunt and at check in. Anyone caught hunting without the proper license are subject to be reported to Fish & Wildlife officials. ALL out-of-state hunters taking part in the event will be required to present an original copy of their non-resident Kentucky hunting licenses upon check in.

  • Hunt will START on Friday, January 25th at 8:00 AM 

  • Hunt will END on Sunday, January 27th at 2:00 PM. Every team competing in the event must be at the check in station by 3:00 PM, no exceptions. Anyone not on sight by this time will be disqualified. Check In times will be strictly enforced.

  • REGISTRATION for this hunt will begin on July 1, 2018. (You do not have to be present to register for the hunt. Registration information will be released on how to and approved methods of  pre-registerstration before July 1. ) ALL TEAMS MUST BE REGISTERED 48 HOURS BEFORE START DATE OF HUNT.

  • NO roadkill, trapped or snared animals will be accepted. 

  •  Dogs MAY NOT be used in the taking of coyotes and NO BAITING of any kind is allowed.

  • NO MINORS under legal hunting age is allowed to hunt, accompany hunters or participate in any way. Minors over legal hunting age MUST register with an adult team member. They WILL NOT be allowed to hunt with another minor. 

  •  KILL BLOCKS must be used on every animal harvested. (The description of kill blocks and how they are to be used will be posted before the hunt.) A number code will be given out before the start of the hunt with instructions on where the number code is to be placed on the blocks.  NO animals will be accepted without properly placed kill block and number code. (Please see rule relating to head shots)

  • HEAD SHOTS may be taken on animals. HOWEVER, any head shot that causes damage to the muzzle area of any animal to the extent a kill block can not properly be  placed inside its mouth per the kill block regulations, that animal WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Again, head shots are allowed, and are your choice. Just be aware that a poorly placed shot, damaging the muzzle of the animal could cause the animal to be disqualified if kill blocks can not be used as instructed.

  •  The pooling of coyotes by teams IS NOT ALLOWED. Anyone caught attempting to pool animals together will be disqualified.

  • ALL coyotes taken MUST be exposed to the outside temps. Coyotes CAN NOT be placed in plastic bags, enclosed boxes, or stored inside vehicles.

  • NO hunting from roads. 

  • In the event of a tie, the winner of the event will be determined by the overall total weight of their coyotes. Scales provided by hunt officials will determine winners.

  •  Electronic, hand and mouth calls may be used to call in coyotes.

  •  Anyone registering for the hunt will be entered into the drawing for prizes. However, YOU MUST be present at check in to win if your name is drawn.

  •  HUNTER EDUCATION REQUIREMENT FOR RESIDENT HUNTERS: Effective March 1, 1991, all hunters born on or after January 1, 1975 shall while hunting carry a valid hunter education course completion card in addition to the appropriate Kentucky hunting licenses. There is also One-Year Hunter Education Exemption Permits hunters can obtain. For more information about the Hunter Education requirement and how to obtain yours, please click HERE. Please note, person's exempt from buying a license are not required to possess a hunter education course completion card (i.e., resident owners of farmlands, tenants, etc.) If, after looking over the information, you do not know if you need a hunter education card or not, please contact the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife at 1-800-858-1549 


 This may seem like a lot of rules, but they are very simple and easy. The main thing is to be smart, be honest, hunt safe, be on time, have fun and you have nothing to worry about.